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Racom NT is one of the first private companies in Bulgaria which, since its founding in September 1993 actively participate in the renovation and implementation of new technologies in the field of digital Radio and Television terrestrial broadcasting and telecommunications networks in the country.Since the advent of mobile communications in Bulgaria, the Company is a major participant in the development of GSM base stations, transmission networks and any subsequent improvements, extensions and replacement of technological equipment.

The Company has a team of highly qualified professionals and technical equipment necessary for the implementation of the installation, setup, testing and commissioning of all types of active equipment for 2G, 3G and LTE base stations, production, supply and installation of telecommunication towers, monopolies, aerial porters and other metal structures needed for installation of telecommunications equipment, as well as all types of linear cable routes with Optic Fiber, Copper Wire or any other type of cable.

Since the beginning of its existence till nowadays, Racom NT became preferred and long term partner of all mobile operators in the country and their partners.


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